Zynga Poker Web

March 2009 - November 2012

As part of the design team, I worked on small and large features in all phases of production: ideation, wireframes, mocks, prepping assets in HTML/CSS for dev or sitting over an engineer's shoulder to make him nudge things in Flash to be closer to pixel perfect.

As Producer, I also managed the design-to-dev integration of assets, maintained an asset library and backups of source files, and coordinated with the localization and outsourcing teams for getting art assets created in our 9 supported non-English languages.

Multi-Table Tournaments

Here is one of the more complex features I worked on. Multi-table tournaments had a lot of information that users needed to be aware of, a lot of states within those, and unlike standalone poker clients with this feature, we did not have a whole lot of space to display it in. I created a system where each piece of information was modular and could be displayed standalone when it needed to be accessed from the tournament selector list or while at the table.