Zynga Poker Mobile

December 2012 - September 2013

As part of the design team, I worked on small and large features in all phases of production: ideation, wireframes, mocks, prepping assets for dev. Here are a few of them.

Android/iOS Parity

In my first native Android experience, I worked on porting over the new look that had already launched on Zynga Poker iOS. This was mostly sizing/renaming assets to the correct format, 9-patching, and optimizing where possible. Before & After of the lobby below:

Buy Page Redesign

The grid format was getting increasingly crowded every time a PM wanted something to add a callout to a package. Another challenge was that we had differing amounts of packages on iOS vs. Android. I redesigned it into a list format to make it easier to compare the value of each package, listed out the numbers fully instead of abbreviating to give the real sense of difference in amount between each, and limited how many places/callouts can be used to avoid overwhelming the user.


This was a port of a feature that was done on web by another designer. It was mostly a reskin and reformat of the web version to fit the mobile style. The biggest challenge was finding a place for this on an already crowded interface without redesigning any of it.


This version of the app was replaced when we launched the redesigned version in March 2014, but it now lives again as a separate app called Zynga Poker Classic.