LoFu Animals

March - April 2015

As part of CodePath's iOS for Designers bootcamp, I conceptualized, designed, and built LoFu Animals in Swift in 2 weeks (and polished it over another 2 weeks). It was one of the top 3 apps in the class, and went on to compete at CodePath's Demo Day where industry judges Ilya Sukhar, Sam Schillace, Nathan Stoll, Evrhet Milam, and Jocelyn Goldfein voted it as the winning app!

LoFu Animals is a fun way to study vocabulary. For the initial version of this app, it’s Chinese animals, however, the concept could apply to anything that matches a word to an image. It can be other languages, or even learning concepts such as the names of the different items in a Photoshop toolbar.

The target audience includes everyone from young children to adults who have a desire for casual learning. I went to Chinese school when I was a kid (in addition to normal school), and textbooks and paper were boring. Smartphones didn’t exist back then, but the power of apps today opens a world of possibilities. The matching portion of LoFu Animals for example, has the ability to give immediate feedback on whether the student got it correct or wrong without waiting for a teacher to grade it. It’s also more fun to pick up cute little animal stickers and place them, than to circle and draw lines on a worksheet. Fun animations upon completion are also more rewarding than a sticker or gold star.

Features I’d like to add include audio/speaking (learn how to pronounce words correctly, since Chinese as a tonal language is what makes it difficult to learn); ambient background music as well as sounds for correct/wrong, and celebrations; history and progression to see improvements over time; and leaderboards.

I'm planning on continuing this project in my spare time, cleaning up the code, and getting it launched on the App Store. Follow my progress on GitHub.