March 2006 - January 2009

As part of the design team, I worked on small and large features in all phases of production: ideation, wireframes, mocks, prepping assets for dev, testing.

Designing at LiveJournal was particularly interesting because of the very passionate and vocal userbase, who at the time the internet was going 2.0, very much wanted and needed LiveJournal to look as it did when it launched in 1999.

Major areas of the site I redesigned include: Choose & Customize Journal/Community Style, Gift Shop, Account Settings, Community Settings, Journal and Community Profiles, logged in and logged out homepage, sign-up flow, Explore verticals.

Customize Journal Style Redesign and Themes

One of the much needed changes I made at LiveJournal was a complete overhaul of the UI for customizing a journal and community journal's layout and style. The page was previously a drop-down list of layout and theme names that weren't very descriptive. I updated it from its late 90's system to what was par for the mid-2000s - thumbnails and live previews so users could try out the look before committing.

Customizing the layout/theme combination however, was a bit trickier to get into one UI. The way it was designed, each layout had different options and were all built differently in a language native only to LiveJournal. Options that appeared in the customize section varied a little depending on the selected layout.

I also designed 37 of the themes, and did the CSS for a majority of them. Most were also available on Six Apart's other casual blogging platform, Vox. Below is a selection, all 37 can be viewed here.

I was also responsible for the style of LiveJournal Sponsored and Partner Communities. The full list of LiveJournal Sponsored Communities and Partner Communities that I worked on include: Eagle vs. Shark, Blood & ChocolateScience of SleepMusic NationKnocked UpTravel GuardSpreadshirtIndie Movie ClubHP CreateAmp'd Mobile7 Days in a SentraIndia Writingand India Travels.

Gift Shop Redesign and Items

The Virtual Gifts page was another one that needed a major overhaul. The original design worked when there were only 3 gifts to select from, but as more virtual gifts were introduced, the one scrolling page was not ideal. I redesigned that one to feel more like an online shopping experience users would be used to, with categories, the option to select more than one item, and a cart.

I also created about half of the virtual gift items the users could send to each other.