July 2002 - 2012

I discovered "personal homepages" in 1998, but the preset templates weren't enough for me. In the days of Angelfire, Geocities, Tripod, gURLpages, chickpages, et. al, I learned HTML from the internet and was constantly playing around with different layouts using tables and frames. In 2002, I purchased my first domain, Over the years, it grew with me from a personal writing/diary site to a portfolio, with up-to-date and mostly validated HTML/CSS. Here are a few of the designs from the beginning through 2009:

From 2009-2012, fowarded to my tumblr blogs. One of them was a photo and sketch journal. The other one, Chasing Wanderlust, was a travel journal where I designed each entry to look like a postcard sent from my travels. Both tumblr layouts used jQuery Masonry.

Today, just fowards back here.