I am a user experience designer who is passionate about solving challenging problems, iterating, and striving for perfection while balancing between user needs and business goals.

I believe in user-centered design, creating elegant experiences that are simple for the user to interact with and enjoy, but also filled with beautiful details that spark delight upon discovery.

I am also a realist and understand that functionality must come first. It doesn't matter how amazing something looks if it doesn't work, or how pretty a button is if the text in it is illegible and it's unclear what pressing the button will actually do.


Though my main focus is on design, I also enjoy the technical side of things. Knowing what the possibilities and limitations are help inform my design decisions, and having the ability to lay out a screen without taking an engineer's time is empowering.

I got into HTML/CSS on my own in the late 90s/early 2000s; learned Unity (NGUI and PlayMaker) at Zynga; and recently finished CodePath's iOS bootcamp, where I was recognized as one of the top students in my class, and the app I designed and developed as part of the course was voted as the winning app by industry leaders when presented at CodePath's Demo Day.


Work Life

I work best in small, interdisciplinary teams, collaborating and feeding off the passion and knowledge of my peers. I am no stranger to fast-paced high-stress environments, scrum, and Agile.

Non-Work Life

Interests outside of work/design include: traveling, archery, video games, tv, desserts, and appreciating packaging design of snacks from Asian countries.